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Christianne Khoury

It was great experience ... Too much info that I was in need to complete my journey and to be healthy more and more ... Training will be so much different after this .... I have knowledge now about how my body should moove and how to have a gd progress .... Thank uu Jessy and respect for ur great message .... Everyone have the right to moove and be better ....

Marc Bou Zeid

The best course you can ever take to help you in no time live a new experience and learn new skills that will last for a lifetime. The course was well-structured and informative, and it provided me with all the tools I needed to create my own workout program and confidently hit the gym. Within no time, I was able to grasp the concepts of proper exercise form, muscle groups, and programming, which helped me design workouts that suited my fitness goals perfectly. Thank you Right2move and wish you all the success you really deserve. And for the wonderful Jess behind all this, thank you for your generosity and the amazing preparations, you're a great teacher <3

Marilyn Haber

An initiative I never thought about. I found a person who genuinely cares about others reaching their fitness goals the right way. The sessions were very well prepared, the flow between the meetings was smooth. Day after day, I noticed that I got finally ready to hit the gym, confidently. Without feeling the need to ask around for help about using a machine. I even understood the targeted muscles by every action I do! I got aware of what I am able to do, how to do it and when to do it. Jess has been amazing. I'm so glad to be part of the Right2Movers community ❣️❣️❣️

Wissam Rawas

Best course ever, best instructor ever, i really enjoyed the course. I have now more trust and confidence in myself when training and can identify easily the pros and cons of each exercise or movement.. thanks Jessica

Amira El Hajj

Ana kenet 3am behke bayne w ben hele abl ma ekhod el course eno kel chi info mawjoudin 3al net chu momkin y2addemle hal course zyede?! Bas wa2ta hderto w khallasto hasset adde fi fare2 ben el info li mnekheda mn google w ben kl chi t3allamne bl course w akhadna fi note gher el details li kenna na3refa bl zoom meeting mn el interaction baynetna ka grp w ahla chi eno bl ekher betsir wese2 mn halak enta w bl gym w edran tetmarran enta w 3eref halak mnih chu 3am ta3mel w ma bye2dar hada yday3ak la b temrintak wala b fake information cz deja seret 3eref kl chi lezem ta3rfo 3an ur body ur muscles and ur nutrition! Thank you Jessi 3a right to move w 3a kl chi 🙏💪🏻

Zakhia Eid

It's a life changing course, after understanding how our body works and how to workout in order to stay healthy in a smooth simple way i found myself in a different stage of my life, i want to share my gratitude for all the effort you did... i took life coaching to be able to understand how my brain and emotions work amd it helped me mentally and after taking your course i understand how my body works and it helped me physically. Keep it up doctor

Jessica Eid

it was beyond amazing! I can't even express how much I loved it. The course was an absolute game-changer for me. It not only equipped me with the knowledge and skills, but it also empowered me to take control of my own fitness journey.The instructor was incredibly passionate and knowledgeable, and their enthusiasm was contagious.It was an inspiring and uplifting experience.I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to take this course.

Toufic Maad

Lal sara7a fa ashya mne7a t3alamta men hayda el course w hayenteh 3layeh fekrat el losing fat w how to do it in an easy way

Pauline El Helou

Thank you so much for the thorough explanation ❤️ and for the amazing company🥰 Ente bet3a2de wel content taba3 lcourse bi 3a22id and it is helping me out to shift mt mindset and start a healthy lifestyle before I get to 30🤣 3anjad I cannot stop talking to my friends about what I learned! Ya hek l influencers ya bala😍

Georges Sabbagh

bt janene t3alamna ktir osas ma twa2a3et hak2ad et3alam osas w et7asan b ade2e w twmrine w jesme w akle w sert fakir gher ma kent fakir mn abel kelshi tghayar merci ktirr w 3anjad bonsa7 kel hadan yjarib w yet3alam w mafi ahla mn eno net3alam w ktir kente 3am ta3tine l osas btari2a helwe w hayne net3alama w bser3a ne2ta3 l marahil kella merciii the best coach 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Paola Hachem

I recently took the Right2Move fitness course, and I must say it was an incredible experience. Our instructor, Jessica, was bursting with energy, incredibly knowledgeable, and truly motivating. The content covered in the course was filled with valuable information that I believe should be learned by everyone. What I loved the most was how easy it was to understand, making it accessible to people of all fitness levels. Moreover, the course material was presented in such an interesting way that it kept me engaged throughout. I highly recommend the Right2Move program to anyone who cares about their health and fitness and wants to take charge of their well-being without relying on a personal trainer or coach. It's an empowering and enlightening journey that everyone should embark on.

Adam Naim

The courses were very very helpful and I learned a lot and I believe that it helped me understand how to properly reach my goals . I'm very gladd I joined the courses, I personally think it was perfect and a very important educational experience that everyone getting into fitness or sports should join the course .

Mohannad Hankir

I can't express how incredibly satisfied I am with the fitness and nutrition course I recently took! From start to finish, the experience exceeded my expectations. The content was comprehensive and well-structured, covering both fitness and nutrition in a way that was easy to understand yet highly informative. What truly made this course outstanding was the instructor, Jessica. She is not only amazing at what she does but also incredibly knowledgeable. Her passion for fitness and nutrition is palpable, and she has a unique ability to convey complex concepts in an engaging manner. Her dedication to her students' success is evident, as she took the time to address questions and provide personalized guidance. I walked away from this course feeling empowered and armed with a wealth of practical knowledge that I'm already applying to my daily routine. If you're looking for a fitness and nutrition course that delivers exceptional content and is led by an expert like Jessica, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this one a go. Last word Jessica is amazingggg!

Elie Akl

You made Practicing sports and getting lots of gains with so much less fatigue blessed enough to meet you and learn from science based knowledge no more NO PAIN NO GAIN quotes🔥

Fouad Monzer

بالبناني 🤍 يقبرني ربك على هل كورس. انا شخص رياضي، وبتمرن من سنين. وعلى قد ما بقدر بجرب اطلع واقرا عن هذا الموضوع. فتت على كورس وبراسي انا بعرف، بس يلي صار انه في كثير امور ما بعرفها، او فاهمها غلط، والاهم انه المعلومات يلي بعرفها تنظمت وصر فيني استعملها وهذا بعد ما حكيت عن الكوتش، وما رح خبركن، هي قصه تانية. قد ما اشرح ما رح اقدر عبر. رح اتركن انتوا تجربوا وتلمسوا بايدكن😎

Ruba Al Halaby

It's one of the best courses ever! Made life with physical activity much easier & pain-free😀The course greatly increased my knowledge in sports. I never visited a gym alone without a PT & never imagined I can do it alone...Now I have enough information & confidence to rush to the gym & exercise alone! Not to forget Jessy's beautiful heart & ethics, who provided me with loads of motivation and support❤️

Rita Lteif

this course changed a lot in my life. This girl deserves all the good and happiness in the world.

Adam Berro

I don’t know how to express in the way this course or you as a coach deserve. To be honest, I hesitated to subscribe to this course due to previous experiences with PT COURSES and so on, but this one was something that I would never regret, it’s kind of a blessing. The knowledge and information given are well explained and demonstrated. In addition to the pros and cons of each move and exercise it accelerates self-esteem, now I feel that I know more, and I am more confident about what I’m doing, exercising, advising, or even criticizing. You deserve this success and good reputation. Thank you for everything and for teaching us how it’s “Right To Move”.

Alain Mikhael

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the valuable lessons and knowledge I gained from this course on training effectively on my own. This course has been a game-changer in my fitness journey. Before taking this course, I had been working out since 2013, but I often felt lost in managing my program and understanding the nuances of effective training. Your course not only provided me with a clear roadmap but also taught me how to train efficiently without pushing myself to fatigue thinking it was the only way to see results, and showed me that quality, not quantity, is the key to sustainable muscle gain and overall fitness. The structured approach, practical tips, and personalized guidance I received during the course have made a significant difference in my workouts. I now have the confidence to design and manage my training program, ensuring steady progress while avoiding overtraining. I appreciate the way the coach explained complex concepts in a simple and understandable manner, making it accessible to learners at all levels. Her passion for fitness and teaching is evident, and it truly inspired me to take my fitness journey to the next level. Thank you once again for this incredible learning experience. I look forward to applying everything I've learned and continuing to see positive results in my fitness endeavors.

Zahra Safa

Best course everrr!!! Experience ktir 7elwe ma3ke, b hadamtik w shatartik 2drt 7ot program sport b3d sene men ldaya3, ken kel session ahdam men ltanye, blessings to be one of ur team, ashtar coach love you jessi❤️

Nadine El Zein

It has been a fantastic experience. The content of the course is presented in a straightforward manner, making it easy learn about all the muscles and parts in my body. It helped me a lot during my workouts. Jessika is incredibly professional, attentive to details, always ready to provide helpful guidance and very energetic. Her support has significantly contributed to my positive learning experience